Düsseldorf Pallet

This light, still very sturdy pallet solution we recommend, who has to store their good in a smaller place on a daily bases. When it was designed, the main points where: smaller and lighter than the average , easily movable, still very strong framed and rugged.

Düsseldorf Pallet

Sometimes you can’t fit a fully packed pallet in?

Yes, there’s nothing more annoying then when it depends only a couple of centimeters to fit a box next to the other.

Could you use the Düsseldorf pallets in situations like this, which:
  • Looking at its size, smaller than average
  • Ideal to save room
  • Thankfully to its light weight easily movable
  • Its design guarantees sturdiness
  • Movable even by hand
Would a pallet like this ideal for you?
  • You can be sure if you’re working in the Food Processing Industry and you have to fill your warehouse and your shop with soft drinks, food every day
  • Even so, if you have a little place to store
  • And in cases when you need to transfer your goods safely from A to B on a light, but sturdy pallet
Main details
  • Who we recommend this? - To save room, for stable handling
  • Dimensions: 800x600x160 mm
  • Carrying capacity: 750 kg

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Pallet catalogue 2017.

golen_pallet_raklap_katalogus_2016_en_3d_2.png We have created our pallet catalogue to make our customer’s life easier to be able to find the best pallet solution for them.

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